At LIDA, community is our strength. Our hands on approach uses the real life operating experiences of our members to create a resource that you can trust for your everyday business needs. Our membership benefits ensure that you've got the entire L.I. dining community on your team, guaranteeing conveniences you've never seen before.

Preferred Vendor Application


Every Preferred Vendor undergoes a thorough screening process to ensure that LIDA members receive the highest levels of service.



Requirements Include;

  • All Preferred Vendors require a “sponsorship” by another valued LIDA member, advisory board member or preferred vendor.
  • A Preferred Vendor must be or have a Long Island based company.
  • A potential vendor must supply a minimum of 3 references from Long Island dining venues for consideration.
  • 3 supplier references and 3 Customer references are also required to verify efficiency, fair pricing, reliability and quality.
  • A preferred vendor should be a leader within their field and possess both care and knowledge of the food and hospitality industry.
  • A sufficient staff with dedicated customer support is required.
  • All of LIDA’s preferred vendors are expected to actively participate with local charities.
  • The desire to work together as an alliance for the benefit of all parties involved is essential.

All preferred vendors receive additional screening throughout the time of their preferred vendor status.  LIDA reserves the right to remove or replace a vendor if the quality of service does not meet the required standards of excellence